Robin in the Hood


Hear ye! Hear ye!  Greetings and welcome all to Nottingham……well a version of Nottingham.  First there was Covid , then some life events and technical issues and we were not able to do our fully online festival these past two years. BUT never fear! Here on our site you are going to get a task of some of our shows, actors, one of our story scenes and fights… call it a preview of what we are going to launch in January… yes a special Kick off online event will be coming your way in January!  Huzzah!!!

Outlaw Life

Have you ever wanted to be in Robin Hood’s Merry Band of Outlaws?  Well join us for some lessons in Outlaw Life and become the best Outlaw in Sherwood

Medieval Medicine

What does urine, leeches and mint have in common?  Why Medieval Medicine is the answer.  Lets learn about the healing arts of a very long time ago.


The ancient form of texting!  See how knights and nobles could signal their status, wealth and name by the use of symbols on banners or shields.

Chops the Fool

Jesters were the lifeblood of entertainment in the castle….the bigger the fool the better the pay!!!!  Join us for a fun family show by Nottingham’s own Chops the Fool!

Law & Disorder

What happens when the Sheriff of Nottingham and Friar Tuck debate laws, rules and punishment……you get a little Law and Disorder!

Maid Marion & the Egg

A scene from our secret online in January plot…..why are the two kings hosting a tournament?  Find out in this clip filmed in Sherwood forest.

Battle Time

What happens when a good knight, an outlaw and an evil knight meet on the trails near sherwood forest?  A fight happens….that’s what!