Robin in the Hood

House Heraldry

Which House will you be cheering for? Raise your flags and wear your House colours with pride!

King Richard the Lionhearted

Sir Reginald of Scully
Knight Marshall and Chancellor to the King

Prince John
Sir Albert
Lady Beatrice


Simon the Sheriff of Nottingham

Sir Robin of Locksley

Maid Marion
Cousin to the King

Duke Edward
Duchess Charlotte
Knight – Lady Winnifred

Duke Charles
Duchess Elenor
Knight – Sir Thomas

Knight – Sir Alexander

Knight – Sir Edward

Knight – Sir Lester
or Sir George

Knight – Sir Roger

Knight – Sir Phillip

Knight – Lady Annalise

Count Henri de Gibson
Countess Ellen do Gibson
Daughter – Lady Lize de Gisbon
Knight Champion – Sir Guy

Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival