Robin in the Hood

Board and Committee Members

Board of Directors

A board of five volunteers oversee the Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival, a non-profit organization. The board governs the policies and direction of the festival and works with the Committee to ensure the event and all surrounding projects and preparations are undertaken and accomplished.

  • Director of Advertising – Brian Lubberts (chair of the Board)

    Supports the Advertising Coordinator, Promotions Coordinator, and Recruitment Coordinator.

  • Director of Community Relations – Liz Guest (secretary-treasurer)

    Supports the Sponsorship Coordinator, and Website & Social Media Coordinator.

  • Director of Entertainment – Rachel Taylor
    Supports the Artistic Coordinator, Show Coordinator, and Fight Coordinator.

  • Director of Logistics – Kaitlyn Lammers

    Supports the Education Day Coordinator, Festival Administrative Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Director of Site – George Jones

    Supports the Costumes & Props Coordinator, Site Coordinator, and Vendor Coordinator.

Committee Members

The Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival could not take place without a large team of people taking action to plan, organize and run all aspects of the festival. The Committee coordinators each take responsibility for a vital part of the event. 

  • Advertising Coordinator – Curtis Lubberts

    Responsible for creating public awareness through a variety of media outlets and print materials (e.g., posters), and for creating advertising content. 

  • Artistic Coordinator – Tina Edwards

    Responsible for setting an overall feel, vision and goal for each Festival Season. Tasks include writing the script, casting, and running rehearsals.

  • Costumes & Props Coordinator – Alex Brubacher. 

    Responsible for ensuring all actors are appropriately dressed and all required props are available during festival days. This includes helping cast find costume pieces from stock, purchasing/altering/making costumes and approving any costumes brought from home.

  • Education Day Coordinator – Stephanie Cooper

    Responsible for making sure Ed Day runs smoothly by communicating with schools, creating class schedules, and other administrative duties. 

  • Festival Administrative Coordinator – Jacqueline Garneau

    Primary point of contact for the committee, public and team leaders. Responsible for the administrative tasks associated with cast and festival management including maintaining cast lists, sending weekly updates to cast, collecting legal paperwork and taking attendance at all rehearsals. 

  • Fight Coordinator – Joel Steinmann

    Responsible for setting all of the fights in the Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival in a safe and professional manner. They are also responsible for running fight rehearsals and tracking of all weapons used in Robin in the Hood fights. 

  • Promotions Coordinator – Nicholas Rintche 

    Responsible for coordinating promotional events which generate revenue and/or publicity for the Festival. 

  • Recruitment Coordinator – Phoenix Schlupp

    Responsible for  recruiting actors and pinafore volunteers for Festival and Education Day by advertising auditions and recruitment opportunities and talking with various groups in the community. 

  • Show Coordinator – Chris Duncan

    Responsible for the development and overseeing of all internal shows performed in the Festival. This includes planning shows, casting shows, ensuring props are available and running show rehearsals. 

  • Site Coordinator – vacant (George Jones)

    Responsible for the storage, construction, and maintenance of festival hardware, all rentals, and overseeing the set up/tear down of the park in the days surrounding the Festival. 

  • Sponsorship Coordinator – Ashley Aultman

    Responsible for all fundraising, donations, and grant applications. This includes sending sponsorship packages to community organizations, coordinating receipt of donations, and working with sponsors. 

  • Social Media Coordinator – Erin Lee

    Responsible for managing all official social media pages and groups.

  • Vendor Coordinator – Catherine Lubberts

    Responsible for recruiting, maintaining contact with, and organizing vendors participating in the Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival.

  • Volunteer Coordinator – Lisa Eby

    Responsible for the recruitment, training and supervision of volunteers in the Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival. This includes training volunteers, creating volunteer schedules and working with t-shirted volunteers on festival days.

  • Website Coordinator – Ralf Wall

    Responsible for managing the festival website.

Are you interested in getting involved in the committee for the Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival? If so, please submit your resume and cover letter to

Please note, these are all voluntary positions